Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tomato Art!

It’s August, it’s hot, and while it’s the season of tomato-picking for many of us, it’s also the season of tomato festivals! Tomato-inspired events are popping up across the country, including one that caught our eye in Nashville, Tennessee. The city just hosted its fourth annual Tomato Art Festival featuring a range of artwork and activities that capture the true essence of tomatoes. Showcases included various tomato contests, tomato parades--even tomato fashion shows! Check out some of the beautiful, wild and crazy tomatoes here and here. Who'd have thought that a celebration of tomatoes could bring over 10,000 people together to bond over sharing delicious tomato recipes, tomato music, and of course, the tomato art!?!

Have any tomato art of your own? We'd love for you to send us pictures of your creations! We love all that is tomato and we want to see how creative you can be with them! BETTER YET- get in on our "Ugliest tomato contest." As the proud grower of UGLYRIPES, we think the most beautiful "works of art" are ridgy, creviced, wrinkly bulbous, crazy-looking tomatoes. Bonus points if you report in that your homegrown summer gem also tasted delicious. As a reminder- all contest entries should be sent to santa.sweets@gmail.com. A full description of the contest and the mouth-watering grand prize is detailed in our last post.

Monday, August 6, 2007


Greetings fellow tomato lovers! It’s that time of year again. August is upon us and you know what that means… TOMATO PICKING! The vines of your homegrown tomato plants have spent the past few weeks soaking in the sun and drinking lots of water. Now they are drooping to the ground under the weight of your delicious red (or maybe still green) tomatoes.

We here at Santa Sweets want to see if you can give our UGLYRIPES a run for their money— show us YOUR ugly and strange looking tomatoes! That’s right folks, step into your garden, find the ugliest tomato on your plant and send us a picture. We’re looking for weird shapes, bulges, dents and formations on your tomatoes. Slice one open and see an image of Abraham Lincoln? Send us a picture of your tomato (then sell it on eBay)!

On the first day of autumn— September 22, we will select the ugliest tomato, feature it right here on our blog, and ship its proud owner a box of UGLYRIPE tomatoes to enjoy into the fall months, after your personal garden has shut down for the summer. Remember, UGLYRIPE tomatoes are spectacular year round!

Email your photos to us at santa.sweets@gmail.com. If you have a story to go along with it too, we'd love to hear it.

By submitting your photos and stories, you agree to allow Santa Sweets to post them to our blog or webpage without cost. We will make every effort to credit you for the photo(s) you submit, however the image becomes our property. Thanks for understanding.