Thursday, September 27, 2007

Monday, September 24, 2007

And the winners are...

Hey folks! It's the beginning of Fall and time for us to announce our "Ugly Tomato" Contest winners! There were so many unsightly entries we had a hard time picking just one. So instead we've decided to give out ten prizes!

Chieko Arimura of Cupertino, CA, Vincenzo Domingo of Long Island, NY, Nadine Gotschall of Louisville, OH, Odes Hoogeveen of Oxnard, CA, Stephanie Mallette of North Canton, OH, Gregg Meyer of Nevada City, CA, Courtney Newman of Hollywood, CA, Lori Patterson of Richmond, VA, Rita Rudner of Buena Park, CA and Cheryl Thomas of Virginia Beach, VA are the proud owners of some repulsive produce, and the lucky recipients of a box of UGLYRIPEs. Each winner can choose to have their case shipped now or in the dead of winter when the summer tasting UGLYRIPE might be a refreshing reminder of warmth. Kelly Bevan, an eleventh winner, is from the UK.

We had a great time seeing everyone's ugly tomatoes and we hope you'll share your ugly tomato pictures with us again!

Check out these UGLY winning entries!

Gregg Meyer, Nevada City, CA

Stephanie Mallette, North Canton, OH

Odes Hoogeveen, Oxnard, CA

Nadine Gotschall, Louisville, OH

Vincenzo Domingo, Long Island, NY

Chieko Arimura, Cupertino, CA

Cheryl Thomas, Virginia Beach, VA

Rita Rudner, Buena Park, CA

Lori Patterson, Richmond, VA

Kelly Bevan, United Kingdom

Courtney Newman, Hollywood, CA

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Worldly Tomatoes

In Belgium they say "tomaat," in France "olivette," in India "tamaatar," and in Spain "tomate." The word "tomato" has as much diversity as the fruit's use in recipes, from salads to soups to casseroles to drinks and unique concoctions have been created by cultures throughout the world, bringing together tomato-lovers from near and far.

Belgium has a fresh and delicious tomato salad, France boasts a creamy tomato mousse and India spices things up with a tomato curry. Also check out this tasty recipe for a Spanish salmorejo or this American tomato pudding and tomato paella. We think any of our tomatoes from romas, to grapes to UGLYRIPEs® would be oh-so-appetizing paired with these recipes!

Have your own favorite recipe? Share it with us! We'd love to try out your creative culinary innovations!

And don't forget the last day to enter your UGLIEST tomato pictures for our "Ugly Tomato" Contest is September 21! Hurry and show us your ugly ruby reds at!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Tomato Fame

Celebrities are known for getting the best of everything, spending their millions on fancy cars, extravagant homes and exotic vacations. They also sometimes make precise requests for special treats like a favorite candy, beverage or...tomato? Yes, tomatoes and not just any ordinary tomatoes. One professional athlete in particular had his eyes set on our delectable UGLYRIPE® Tomatoes.

Tiger Woods, the U.S.’ number one golfer, celebrated his birthday last year with a bash at his country club in North Carolina that included a large order of only the best-tasting UGLYRIPEs. Yes, our ruby-reds were given celebrity status by the Florida resident who wouldn’t blow out the candles without our deliciously irresistible tomatoes. We don’t blame him. They’re mouth-watering good!

So although celebrities may love their luxury and fame, they love their tomatoes, too!