Thursday, June 21, 2007

And we're back!

Greetings, tomato lovers and connoisseurs! We're back! Thanks to everyone for the positive comments you've left while we were away from our computers. We've been busy growing more UGLYRIPES to meet the overwhelming demand!

This is my first personal post and I hope you'll be patient while I get more familiar with blogging. But I promise to keep the site updated with posts about what's on my mind and address what's on your mind--your comments and questions--as best I can. In addition to my posts, some of the staff here will also be keeping the site updated with news, articles, commentary and other things that we think you'll find interesting.

So I'll take my first stab at answering some of the comments that have appeared. For our readers who have been inquiring to availability of UGLYRIPES, our time off from blogging has served you well. I'm pleased to report that we have built up our supply of both conventional and organically-grown UGLYRIPEtomatoes in the time since the USDA ruled in favor of taste over beauty-enough to make sure that every grocery store that wants them has them.

So if you're missing UGLYRIPES in your neighborhood, we have 'em. Just ask your grocer to stock them. If you still can't find them, post a note here with your city and state and I'll make sure that we personally track down the closest location where they are currently available.

The Santa Sweets crew and I look forward to a summer filled with tasty, juicy tomatoes and the assurance that after the summer passes, we'll finally have a fall and winter free of the Florida Tomato Committee's shape restrictions that will allow us to enjoy flavorful backyard-style tomatoes long after the summer has passed. You no longer have to settle for tomatoes that look great but taste bland in the winter.

I'd also like to encourage your participation on the blog and encourage you to use the comment section to start a conversation! Got a favorite tomato recipe to share? This is the place. Want to tell us your beef about someone's beefsteak? Let us know. So now it's your turn. Let us know what's on your mind!

Joe Procacci


Michael T said...


Glad to see your back online. Is there any chance UglyRipes will find their way to Toronto, Canada? BTW, we love your grape tomatoes up here. Since I heard about the UglyRipe, I've been making a point of choosing Santa Sweets to show my support.

Joe P. said...

Thanks for the kind words, Michael. If you have a Loblaws near you in Toronto, they typically stock UglyRipes. If you don't see them- check with the produce manager. We regularly work with a wholesaler in Canada called Rite Pack. So at any grocer in your area, you could ask about stocking them and mention that name. I hope that is helpful in your search for UglyRipes.

chris said...

Found them in Maine last week -they are to die for. But live in CT zip 06716. Any ideas what stores might have them?

Santa Sweets said...

Chris- there are several stores that stock Uglies in your area: Shoprite, Stop & Shop, Dave's Market, Whole Foods, Wegmans and Edge of the Woods. Again, if you don't see them out, just ask the produce manager.

Mark Sites said...

LOVE your tomatoes! They've become my staple food item and I add them to everything. I've been buying them at Kroger and sometimes Publix in the Atlanta area, but lately Kroger hasn't had any and the ones at Publix seem to be past their prime (borderline spoiled, actually). Are they going out of season? Or do you know of any other Atlanta area stores which carry them?

BTW... for some reason Publix removes the spongy netting from the tomatoes. Sure makes them bruise more easily.


cherrydriver said...

Joe, Any UG outlets in Eugene, Oregon? Also, can I grow them at home in my greenhouse? Any tips?