Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Tomato Fame

Celebrities are known for getting the best of everything, spending their millions on fancy cars, extravagant homes and exotic vacations. They also sometimes make precise requests for special treats like a favorite candy, beverage or...tomato? Yes, tomatoes and not just any ordinary tomatoes. One professional athlete in particular had his eyes set on our delectable UGLYRIPE® Tomatoes.

Tiger Woods, the U.S.’ number one golfer, celebrated his birthday last year with a bash at his country club in North Carolina that included a large order of only the best-tasting UGLYRIPEs. Yes, our ruby-reds were given celebrity status by the Florida resident who wouldn’t blow out the candles without our deliciously irresistible tomatoes. We don’t blame him. They’re mouth-watering good!

So although celebrities may love their luxury and fame, they love their tomatoes, too!

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