Monday, January 22, 2007

Extra! Extra! Read all about the UGLYRIPE!

Our UGLYRIPE has been quite the media darling lately, making the pages of The Miami Herald, Philly Inquirer, and Tampa Tribune among many others. Check out a few our favorite news clips from the past week:

“We win! UGLYRIPES are as accepted as Ugly Betty!” From Orlando Sentinel’s Food Columnist Heather McPherson & her blog, “Forkhead.”

“UGLYRIPES Prevail in Tomato Growers Spat,” an Associated Press article by Maryclaire Dale.

The Miami Herald sided with taste rather than beauty in it’s editorial on Friday.

With so much excitement for UGLYRIPES surrounding the USDA ruling, demand is quickly surpassing current availability. You may find some at your local grocer, but these are going quickly. We're working feverishly here at Santa Sweets to keep up and hope that our supply will catch up with your demand as we're planting many more tomatoes. We hope you’ll keep checking back here or at for updates.

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