Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A Tasty Tomato All Year 'Round!

We've been thinking about starting a blog here at Santa Sweets for a while. And what better day to start than UGLYRIPE Liberation Day?!? That's right -- the tomato that many of you have written fan mail to us about; the tomato that so many of you sent letters to the USDA begging for a pardon for this not-so-beautiful but flavorful tomato; the tomato that for so long was
shackled by the Florida Tomato Committee's shape standards - the UGLYRIPE is finally able to be shipped throughout all of the United States year-round! Thanks to USDA, all Americans will now have access to the UGLYRIPE's midsummer goodness during the darkest days of Winter. And, as always, it will also be available during the rest of the year!

For those of you that aren't familiar with the saga of our now-famous heirloom tomato, check out the article in today's New York Times here.

Of course we have to thank USDA, but our real debt of gratitude is to you- all of the consumers who spoke out on behalf of free trade and tasty produce!

Here are some of our favorite quotes from everyday consumers who took time out of their daily lives to write to USDA expressing their frustration:

"I have finally found something that my hard to please father in law will eat.During Ohio winters, all we have to look forward to is snow, ice, potholes, and UglyRipes, so please don't take away the one great thing we have to look forward to!"

"I want to be able to purchase a good tasting tomato year round. It is ridiculous that all we have available in Michigan is cardboard tasting baseballs disguised as, I say loosely, tomatoes. Please bring us UglyRipes."

"If there is a tomato in Florida that has good flavor, regardless of its shape, it needs to be put on the market. We have had enough of grungy tomatoes. Any tasty tomato would improve the reputation of Florida tomatoes."

"This tomato is AWESOME! It is better than any other type...They are so good you can just cut them, salt them, and eat them plain. I was even known to eat them like apples. So please.please let Uglies back on the market. We love them and miss them. No other tomato comes close to being as incredibly celestial as these round orbs of heaven."


Anonymous said...

To Justice and Liberty! A fight well fought and well won. I am sooooo looking forward to seeing you again!

Judy said...

, Where can I buy some Ugly Tomato seed for my garden? Will they be available at all Whole Foods stores?
Maybe Floridians will finally throw out the "Robber Baron", Jeb Bush, over the tomato scandal.

Anonymous said...

Best tomato it's the ugly tomato. I do not eat store potato-tasting tomatoes.
My "ugly" ones are:
Black Krim
Cherokee purple
Brandywine (purple and red)
and a few (very few) other ones.
I rather wait 1/2 year for my garden tomatoes than eat the tastless ones from our stores.
Where are you, UGLYRIPES???? :)

Anonymous said...

I would buy those bland, unripe tomatoes from the grocery store here every now and then with a cringe knowing that they wouldn't taste very good but I needed a tomato for cooking anyways. When I finally decided to try the Ugly Ripe tomatoes.....OMG! I now have been buying and eating almost 1 a day! If I use just a part of it to have a slice on my hamburger, I can't even stand to put the rest of the tomato in the refrigerator. I just salt and eat the rest of my juicy, flavorful, and wonderfully red-ripe tomato!